Mar 16, 2009

Hunting A Shadow Trailer Released.

And I finally finished the script I've been working on. Not only did I finish writing it, but I also filmed it overthe weekend.The story follows a soldier looking for revenge on a ruthless sniper who took out his team while on aseek and destroy mission in the bush. After hearing of his loss, a journalist decides to join him in the hunt, hopingto catch a big story. What you will see is unedited footage sent to the government my enemies of this country.
While it only took a day to film, I plan to spend some time perfecting the final product. This is only a small project,compared to the ones I've been dreaming up for the future. So, while I edit the movie... check out the trailer, and tellme if you think it'll be boring, or if it'll be worth checking out.
If you're wondering why some of the shots in the trailer are kinda unstable and awkward, I'll tell you. The entire idea ofthis project was to mess around with the idea of "documentry-style filming"... or ametuer camera work. If you've seen filmslike "Cloverfield" and others similar, they all use this sort of technique. When I was overlooking the stuff I'd captured, Inoticed that it might be a little rough, but hopefully it will bring the effect I'm attempting to the audience.I hope to be done by the end of the week, but I really want to perfect this... so be patient!Thanks for dropping by...Daniel Rutter.

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