Mar 18, 2009

Hunting A Shadow RELEASED!!!!

It’s about time I released something I promised to you guys. As usual, here’s the info all you technical junkies wish to know.
This film was filmed, as with my others, with a Nokia N95 camera phone. Unfortunately, what you see on YouTube is only one quarter of the quality this camera can produce. I shot it in about four hours (it was rushed, the phone was going flat…) and wrote the script in a week.The music, as with my other films, is provided by the talent of and their audio portal. Thanks to FarCryDX, Chris, and the others whose tracks I used… without them, the film would have been crap.
As you would have noticed, this movie had a huge amount of rough camera work. It was rougher than I wanted, but I think that it actually works for the particular storyline. I wanted to emphasize the reason of the story a lot more, but when you’re working with the limited resources I have… you make do with what you get. I had planned a massive scene that the soldier character shares his exact reason for revenge. It was a majorly emotional scene, and required acting skills I certainly don’t possess. We did film some of it, but decided not to finish it, because it sounded crap. That, and it took the film over 10 minutes.I would also like to mention that I stole the sniper rifle sounds from Battlefield 2, and edited them to fit. Thanks EA games, please don’t sue me!
Skye was a great help with the filming of this movie, as always. I’d like to express that she is the reason I make all these movies with her.
I had planned on sending this away to a Film Festival, but decided that I would make something bigger, better, and high quality for that. I’m in the process of penning the script for the said project… but without giving to much away… it’s going to be based on a novel I read recently.

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