Apr 22, 2009

Slayer: The Beginning (TRAILER) Released

Slayer: The Beginning (TRAILER RELEASED).
Filming for Slayer has been finished, and is currently being edited.
Trailer was filmed separately a few days ago, to try and develop the background of the film. The film itself will be only a few minutes long, and the footage you see in the trailer has no showing in the film. Still, I hope the trailer has the effect I wanted it to.
I have recently created an account on Metacafe, to increase views to my films. I have been informed that videos on this website are viewed in much higher quality than that of Youtube, and I’m eager to test this theory.
You will notice Hunting A Shadow… and the Slayer trailer on there. I’ve been tossing up on the idea of uploading my previous films…
I’ve been on the lookout for a new camera recently, as my Nokia N95 is no longer giving me satisfaction with its lack of high quality. I’ve been stuck on the type I should get… should I select a DVD camcorder, a DV camcorder, or a camera with memory card slot? The cheapest I have found is a DVD camcorder, at a rather nice price of $199. I’ll inform you all of which camera I’ll be getting when the time comes.
More info will be released along with the film. Thanks for dropping by.

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