Mar 12, 2009

Revenge Scenes Released! Heres the info!

If you've followed the link from Youtube to here, then thanks for taking notice. I never showed this in the clip, because I didn't know how to... but heres the story.
The main character returns from active duty to visit his brother, who he had lost contact with after havingan argument over him joining the army. His brother, a journalist... hated war, and therefore despised his brotherfor joining and fighting. On returning, the main character finds his brother murdered after uncovering a drug ringin town (Opening scene, guy with bag over head... gets executed). He then decides to dish out his own brand of justice...Revenge.
After the opening credits, I wanted to have the main character just walking through the town, and have him narrating something along the lines of what I mentioned above. This would bring you up to date on the story and have some idea ofwhat's going on.
While I don't want to give to much away (I still have the script, and its a good story... so I can still use it in thefuture), That is the general idea of the movie. What I thought would be simple and easy to shoot ended up being a headache.
I shot the "opening scene" in about an hour, and the river shootout in 3. Editing both (seperately) took about a day (combined).The river shootout was my first major shootout that I'd edited. All gunshots and sounds are digitally edited in, and Ireally had to be patient editing them all in.
Music, as I always tend to do, was found on and provided by Xerxes Sango and MaestroRage. Both very talentedin composing battle/buildup sequences. Thanks to both, and please check out their stuff!
Movie was shot with Nokia N95, as with Lovers Poet and Suicide: A Broken Heart. I had shot craploads of footage forthe shootout scene, but it was a windy day and it messed with the camera heaps... so most of what I shot ended upscrewed because it was so shaky. I edited it all in Sony Vegas 8, as I have done with all my recent work... and allgunshot/bullet hits/ricochet effects (not sounds) were provided by Action Movie Essentials (made and sold by AndrewKramer... Thanks Andrew!
Actors were: Patrick Veech (young boy, blue shirt), Skye Veech (Tallest girl, she was the character Nikita... the druglord -stands in the middle, executes the prisioner), Laura Dooley (Revolver weilding, short fry girl) and of courseMyself (I was the character refered in the script as "god". The main character).
That is all the information I can give you.

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