Sep 1, 2010

Script writing

Alrighty, so now that my beloved HV30 is dead (or, out of action... for now) I'm going to try and focus more on my editing and scriptwriting. As it currently stands, I have one project to finish before the end of September... and that is, a short documentary/clip for the "Royal Far West" charity in my town. Looking to take my time with that one.

Also in the works, are a few scripts. I'm currently doing some quick rewrites of "Story Of A Hitman" which will be shot by me and a few friends sometime in the coming months. I also have begun writing a script called "Butcher" based on a fake trailer I did some months ago. I just finished penning a VERY quick script for a friend to shoot for an entry into an online film festival...

And then, I begin working on the script for my first full length feature film "Love and Loss". Ahh yes... this one's been on the cards for over 12 months. I just can't seem to find the time or inspiration... but I reckon I did a pretty slick rewrite of the opening scene. Just gotta figure out how to work in drama with my love for action. Expect something LIKE 'Taken', but not so much of a budget. Looking to get this one backed somehow... but I'm going to finish the script first!

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