Aug 26, 2010

My camera is dead.

Ahh yes... my beloved Canon HV30 has been damaged by a silly accident, and has been knocked out of action to a point that it will cost more money than I have to repair.

I'm not sure exactly what caused it, but I've either knocked the tape heads out of alignment, or completely damaged them. I'm hoping it's the latter one, because replacing the heads on the cam will cost me $360AU.

So for the next month or two (hopefully not long) I won't be working on any shorts, music videos or weddings as I had planned. Unless I can find someone who like's me enough to loan me a camera, or I can rent one.

I'm thinking of setting up a Paypal account so you can donate to help me get her back running again, but I won't get to far ahead of myself. If you're interested, leave a message below!

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