Sep 17, 2010

"The Hit"/Voice Recorder/Future...

So the last few months have been a bit off for me.

Recently, the one thing that's had me distracted over the last month and a bit has been cleared up... and I can now return focus onto other things. My camera has been fixed also, and I recently wrapped up a baby project I'd been nursing since before my camera died:

"The Hit" is an idea I've had since first dwelling on the idea of doing "Story Of A Hitman". I made "The Hit" originally with the intention of turning it into a standalone 'narrative' piece for an online film festival. But recently, I figured a re-hash of this could make a great intro for "Story Of A Hitman". So... this is what I'll use, with some changes of course.

Also, I recently acquired a Sony Voice recorder and lapel mic, mostly for my wedding video shoots. I've been playing around with it over the last few days since I bought it, and I'm quite impressed with it considering the price (Only $90AU!)
Check it out:

Watch it on Youtube in HD for the best audio quality.
I will now also be using the Voice recorder attached to my boom pole + Rode VideoMic for future short films, and possibly "Story Of A Hitman" when I start that.

The Future:

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I have a number of script projects underway. Many of these have been sidelined due to other things, but I've been in talks with various friends about doing some form of Zombie film (Which I won't be writing... only directing), as well as shooting "Story Of A Hitman" with friends. I'm still in planning stages for the music videos I have signed on for, and currently in talks with another friend about a short film piece about Child abuse.

It's going to be an interesting couple of months. I'm looking forward to having an extra set of hands around!

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