Apr 10, 2010

DP gig/SOAH news/New Videos

Hey guys;

DP Gig

I have some good news! I was recently hired as a DP for a film being shot in Coffs Harbor, directed by Savva Emanon. I won't give you any details on the film itself, in respect to the director... but I will say this: Its an honor to be a part of this, being my first DP job... hopefully not my last! It's also the first time I've helped on a film that wasn't my own (not including projects my sister has been working on), and the first time I've worked with actor Jake Rundle (who is playing the role of Jake Smith in the upcoming 'Jake: Story Of A Hitman' directed by myself) and others. It should be fun, as I'm going to be learning techniques and using equipment I haven't used before... such as Dolly rigs. I'll be shooting it on my lovely HD camera... the Canon HV30, and doing some really interesting things with it that I've never done before (again... the Dolly rig, for one). I can't wait! More news on this as it comes...

'Jake: Story Of A Hitman' News:

I've decided to get back on the horse and ride this movie to the finish, and in doing so... I've decided to re-write it! As if it wasn't going to be difficult before, now it'll be impossible! But... impossible is good... its a goal I'm aiming for, and I'll get there eventually! I've decided to change the story drastically, with two main characters instead of one... and rather than making it an all out action film, I thought I'd give the actors room to breathe with some 'drama' in there. I'll still be paying homage to John Woo with his action scenes, but I'll mix in a bit of Luc Besson (after a recent viewing of 'Leon: The Professional') and a touch of 'Mission Impossible' in there as well. I've been studying up on the films a bit lately, jotting down things I've seen that I'd like to make a part of my own story. Besides that, and a case of writers block, the news on SOAH is good :)

New Videos

Recently I entered in two weekly short film contests hosted by the guys at HV20.com, filming two fake film trailers. While neither of them won, it was an interesting experience... I'll continue to enter these weekly contests as long as I have the time. Check the videos out here (Or go to Vimeo.com to see them in HD):

Butcher - Fake Trailer from Daniel Rutter on Vimeo.

Last Hope - Fake Trailer from Daniel Rutter on Vimeo.

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