Dec 15, 2009

A word from the editor...

Hey there.

It's been a while since I'd posted something up here that wasn't... a rant. So today, I'm gonna spare you all the rants and just give you plain old news about my projects.

Those who follow me on Facebook will know that I was supposed to be shooting my short film 'Story Of A Hitman' this week, but due to circumstances beyond my control... I've postponed. I haven't given any reasons, but I will give them here.
One of the actors has requested a postponement due to private matters, and I also saw an oppertunity to go back to the table and do some re-writes. Although I haven't done anything since the cancellation last Friday. I have been, on the otherhand... been working on another project.

I recently postponed my project 'Love And Loss' as I wasn't happy with the story and location I had chosen. So I took it also back to the table (Sense the pattern here?) and took a pen to it. I have an inclination to make it into a feature film. I will be writing this with actor Jake Rundle, and with his writing expertise and my... help, we will hopefully have a working draft in a few months. I would like to see this script be one of my first 'feature' films. That will be a long way off for now, as I neither have the experience nor the confidance to turn a script like that into a working film.

You may notice that I've changed the artwork at the top of the page. I thought it was time to change it up, as I want to leave my old work behind and focus on improving my techniques and project quality. Both pictures are of myself in various poses holding pistols... but they are early photography I had been fooling around with for use with 'Story Of A Hitman'. I've also decided that 'Postal Assassin Productions' will be my fake production company from now on, and 'Daniel Rutter Films' will just be what links my films to me. Postal Assassins Productions does link back to various movies that my sister and I worked on together, and I still value her input and help on the various projects that I'm working on. I certainly hope to have her help throughout the years to come.

My Upcoming/'In The Works' Projects:

'Jake - Story Of A Hitman' --- Unfinished/To Be Filmed.
'A Story Of Love And Loss' --- In Writing.
'Untitled Thriller/Suspense feature film' --- In Writing.

In the future I will be kicking off a website on which you can click to the various projects and catch the latest on filming and behind-the-scenes stuff. If anyone is interested in building a website and/or hosting it for me (for a negotiated fee) please leave your email, or message me on Facebook or Youtube. I have only limited experience in web design, and to be frank... I suck at it. So if you're willing to do a professional job, and don't mind doing it for cheap... let me know.

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