Jul 26, 2014

July/August 2014 - What's up with DRF?

Hey guys!
First things first... here is possibly the most exciting thing I have to say in this entire blog entry:

I bought a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera!
I've been watching this camera very closely for the last few months as I've been looking for a new camera to add to my kit. Recently, BMD (the company who make the Pocket Camera) annouced a month long half price sale on the camera... which pretty much sealed the deal for me and I absolutely-had-to-own-one. For a nice tidy $600, I picked one up. I literally hit the "Buy Now" button about 2 hours ago. Hopefully it'll be here next week for me to play with, but I know a lot of places have sold out and are waiting for new stock... so I might be waiting 2-3 weeks or more for it to arrive.

There are a few reasons why I bought the Pocket Cinema Camera... but my main reasoning is that for $600, I have a camera that can shoot extremely high quality 1920x1080 footage in ProRes or RAW (if you're a photographer, you know what that means) and manipulate the image colour (aka "Grade") to something a lot more cinematic. Also, my understanding is that this camera shoots broadcast quality/legal files that can be sent and aired on local TV if I should be so lucky as to shoot for TV again in the future. As well as commercials and such.
Needless to say, I am VERY excited to be getting this camera. :)

What Else Is News?

I've been going hell-for-leather on some wedding videos that have been in the editing stage for far longer than I am comfortable with... and managed to finish two of the three weddings I had pending.

I'm glad to have these done and out of the road, as I can now focus on finishing my second "Our Story" wedding video... the story and wedding of Miranda & Nick. The wedding itself was a very different experience for me, this wasn't a typical wedding at all. Although the ceremony was a pretty standard fare, the reception and everything leading up to the ceremony was very traditional. A whole new experience and exposure to culture that I'm very glad I got to be a part of. It was also the first wedding I got to test out my new GoPro Hero 3 on.

A very fun wedding, and a great bunch of interviews I did with the couple as well. I'll have something out for that in the next few weeks :)

New Logo + New Projects!

I have long talked about updating my logo to something a bit more fitting, and finally got around to hiring somebody to design one for me. Well it's taken me six months to get something I'm happy with, but I got there in the end. I'm waiting to receive the final files, but I will be updating the Facebook page and Website in the coming weeks with that.

I'm also taking on a new personal project, A mini documentary which I will keep the details of to myself for now. But I have long admired a local event here in Dubbo and wanted to tell their story. All will be revealed with that in the future.

Also of note, is the documentary I've been working on with Wellington Business Services about one of our local War veterans has been chugging away in editing for a few months now and should be set and ready to be launched sometime in the next month or so. We're in the process of finalising the edit.

And lastly... I have started rewrites on "The Riley Project"... a web series I was developing and filming a few years ago but never finished. I'm rewriting the script, will most likely develop it as a series of short films.. but that I haven't completely decided on yet. I won't have anything ready to shoot for at least 12 months or so, due to other project commitments and very little personal time.

Also, before I forget... My brothers and I decided to have a spontaneous shooting session a few weeks ago, and I lugged my gear along with them to film a "skate video". Well, it's not a skate video.. but it's something. Check it out:

And that's pretty much everything for July and August. Appreciate anyone taking the time to read my posts! Keep checking back often, I am hoping to write these blog posts every few weeks (trying to aim for once a month!).

~ Dan

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