Nov 27, 2013

New Wedding Package, Upgrading gear, 2014 Plans

As some of you may already know, I'm changing a few things about Daniel Rutter Films next year... including the name. I've been warned that this could potentially end up doing me more harm than good... I want to put a fresh name to the company.

Daniel Rutter Films over the last 3 years of my life has been growing into a very extensive body of work that I'm really proud of. The work I've done with weddings alone (7 by my count, with an 8th coming this weekend!) is work I'm forever proud to have done... and the music videos I wrapped about a month ago are some of my favorite parts of 2013's work alone.

Daniel Rutter Films will most likely relaunch next year under the name "The Faded Fedora". I am naming it after my signature piece of clothing that I pretty much live in. It will launch with a new take on wedding films, music videos... and make a move into quality promotional material for businesses in the region. There are a few films I am working on putting together next year as well (more on that later).

New Wedding package

A few days ago I wrapped editing on a highlights reel for a project I've been working on with Nathan Walsh and Allira Bourke which was my first foray into a new wedding package I'm offering. The idea is to add a whole new level to the humble wedding film by making it a lot more personal and have more emotional impact. Click the image above to check out the video, and you'll see what I mean.

Nathan & Allira were an amazing couple to work with... and I thank them for allowing me to test this new product with them. I'm really happy with how it came out, and I hope they are too.

More info on the wedding package can be obtained by making an enquiry via Facebook or Email.

New equipment/Upgrading Gear

A few months back I had made mention of purchasing the Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera... but upon further review, I have decided that this camera isn't really in my price range (with all extras needed) and doesn't suit me as a videographer. I will not dispute it's quality, but I don't find it appealing for my work style.

I have instead been looking to retire two cameras that have been a mainstay in my kit bag for a while now... including my fairly recent purchase the LX7. I'm also retiring my GH1. I will be replacing both of these with either a second GH2 body, or the new and improved Panasonic G6. I'm also adding a GoPro Hero Black Edition+ to my gear bag as well. These will be a part of my wedding shooter kit next year. Also on the cards are some new lighting equipment, a green/blue/black/white screen and stand kit and possibly a few lens upgrades depending on workload.


With this new equipment, it is my hope that I will be improving the overall image quality of my work... and it will allow me as a videographer to shoot a uniform video quality.

2014 Plans

2014 is already shaping up to be a pretty kickin' year for me. I am in the process of writing a new script for a thriller short film that I will be working alongside my long time collaborator Bart Riley. My hope is to take this film, and (excuse the profanity) 'shit' all over my previous short film work.
I'm also in negotiations with a Dubbo based script writer about collaborating on his short film script. There will be more info on that sometime in the future once things are locked down. This will mark my second time ever working on someone elses script instead of writing and shooting my own.

I've already mentioned the company name change, the new promotional video offerings and the new equipment. This is just the stuff I have planned ahead with. You just never know what will come along though!

And that's all folks. If you read this far along, cheers! Stick around... new info comes out every so often :)

- Dan

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