Jan 2, 2011

Filming Band Live Gigs; New business venture

In the last two months I found myself working for a few local bands. The first time was a freebie offering my services to the performers at Bangover Homegrown, the second was a paid gig for another local band.

Knowing that a few of these bands would love to have some semi-professional footage of their band performing live, I decided that a new part of my business would be Live Performances. I'm not charging a lot for these, as most of the time band sets last an hour (unless it's a dedicated gig to the one band).

The plan is, to hopefully improve my contacts with these bands so that in the future I may get work doing Music Videos for them.

Now, you might be asking: What do you really have to offer? Good question. I don't set up just one camera and sit it at the back of the room to record your gig. I have two cameras, one wide and one for closeups. Check out the videos below for examples.

The quality will definitely be improving once I start making more money. A new camera is on the list of things to get, in order to improve the quality of the wide shots. Improved audio, with a new recorder (already purchased, but will be adding more to this kit eventually). All footage is filmed in HD, so you can be sure you're getting high quality footage for your money.

The basic price I'm looking to charge is around $50 a set for the first hour, $35 per 45 minutes after that. Plus entry to gig. Editing services are offered for $250 extra . In return, the band will get:

-Individually edited tracks of their gig, as well as web-friendly versions burnt to DVD, all in 720p HD
-A fully mastered DVD with the full set, including menus.
-DVD artwork which will include stills of footage (unless photos or other artwork are supplied)
If editing services are not wanted, I can supply raw footage recorded onto DVD in their full HD glory. Prices are negotiable, and I'm willing to help develop any DVD into multiple copies for sale by the band. This would be a great opportunity for those bands who want to get their shows out there to more people, and to make a little extra cash.

You can contact me via Facebook, or through my website:

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