Jun 8, 2010

SOAH Updates/Changes

Hello loyal followers!

Well, not much has become of SOAH since my last blog post, but I can say that we're making progress with auditions! I will let you all know when auditions are over who will be filling the roles.I'm not sure if I mentioned in my last update that I've done another draft of the script, this time I've extended a few scenes, added some... and generally made it more epic! It's shaping up to be a very awesome little film.

New Videography business
I recently started up a new business venture in the realm of videography. This means that when I'm not making movies, I'll be doing weddings and other events! So far, I've done one gig... and I have another lined up.
Not much more news in this area, but if you're interested in seeing my prices and so on... check out http://danielrutterfilms.webs.com and click the Videography link.

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