Jan 13, 2010

Update 11-01-10: "Writing Styles"

I was typing an email up to an actor-writer a few nights ago and I was attempting to explain my writing style and how I sit down and design a character around what I want to be. It had me thinking:

What do other writers do to pen that great story?

When I'm writing, I sit down and design a character based around myself, or what I wish I could be. I then take that character down a path of choices that I wish I could make, or have the choice to make. I write that character into a relationship based around what I consider to be important, give him a woman based on my own dreams, children with qualities I can only hope that my own will have, hell... I give him a car I only wish I could drive.
Basically, that character is based on my dreams and desires. As with lots of people, these things tend to change constantly, so using this form of writing style is actually quiet promising... as it tends to deliver something completely different every time. I'm not really sure if every writer writes this, I doubt it, but it's a possibility that someone else out there has a similar style.
It's really hard to write a feature length story based on what you want a character to feel, experience, and change... I have no experience in writing 90 page scripts, as I've only ever written short films. Needless to say, I won't be directing shorts for the rest of my life... and so I'm practising my skills for the day that a feature drags itself out of me. I'm writing a few different ones at the moment, though most will never see the light of day (or the ink and paper they *could* be printed on). But its all experience for me.
Now, this actor-writer mentioned to me that he writes 'commercial' scripts/stories... the kind of stories that Hollywood (or in his case, the Australian Film Industry) would be proud to turn into films. While my stories aren't 'commercial'... I think, with more depth... they could compete with films such as Powder Blue, 25th hour and so on. These sorts of films have always interested me, and I would like to attempt a film of similar calibre. But could I do one with my writing style?
I guess that only the future will tell, right?

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