Jan 28, 2010

A Cancellation/New Project.

So I've recently cancelled Story Of A Hitman, due to unforseen circumstances (I do this a lot, right?) and I'm now in the process of planning a BRAND NEW project... twice as interesting, action packed and fun-filled as SOAH. I've been writing it over the last few days, and I think I'm happy with the concept.

I've had a change of mind lately regarding my shooting style (which I have yet to find)and I've decided that being 'shy' about my status as a film maker, and hiding myself away into quiet parts of town with my 'shoots'... My next film will probably get me arrested, sued and probably lose my reputation (what reputation?) with the residents of this town. But screw it... This film is going to be awesome, even if I die making it!

I'll update a little later with some info.

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