Nov 2, 2009

The Problem with Youtube/The world

Amongst the 50 billion or so (overstatement) Youtube members, maybe 1/4 of them are film makers, another 1/4 are independant so-and-so's who report on Celebrities, films and other famous stuff.
The film makers seem to be finding it hard to make even one view on their videos. I myself find it really hard to put my videos out there AT ALL. That said, most of my old stuff is crap... but I've seen worse out there that have close to 3000 views. Mine barely make 200. So where are we going wrong? We don't have the added advertisements and endorsements of famous things, places or people... and we basically have to fend for ourselves in that right.
If I made a movie with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie... would I then be able to make 3000 views? If I did an advert with Coke, would my video end up in the top rated daily? It would seem that fame has choked out the film makers in every way. Its hard to get people to take you seriously anymore. I remember years ago when I met someone who claimed to be a film-maker and I said 'wow... a movie maker, thats awesome'. But these days, if you tell someone that you're a movie maker... they don't even take you seriously. Yes, I do realise that the film industry is a really hard thing to get into, and I feel for all the other Film-makers and actors out there trying to get some step-up into the industry... but we're all competing for the same thing.
It's hard to say that you're not going into the film industry for the fame... I'm doing it for a lot of reasons (I like to make movies, I get to mix with other people, I'm learning something new), but when you spend a lot of time on a project, and find that people don't take you seriously and won't even watch your hard-worked-on movie... it puts you off. But yes, its a good way to weed out the weaklings. That being said, I'm bitching about it being so hard... but theres no way I'll walk away from this business.
Not a chance in hell.

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