Nov 9, 2009

DVD pirating

It occurred to me recently as I made a backup of a DVD I bought recently at how easy it is to pirate DVDs. It's a wonder anyone buys DVDs... its just to easy to get them for free. If you have a decent net connection, you can download an exact copy of the DVD from any torrent site... or if you don't mind watching movies on the PC... you can get the HQ DivX avi from the same source. I don't know, but I reckon that the distro companies are doing something wrong. As it stands, its illegal to copy a disc that you don't own... or download any movie from the net via Torrents (there are exclusions, which I won't get into) but... as so many people do it, its hard to enforce the law. Hell... I know a cop... A COP who copies/downloads DVDs. And its so much easier to go to the local DVD rental store and grab the latest flick for 5 bucks o/n and do a copy at home... sure, you don't get the pretty pictures on the cover, but do it right and you'll have an exact replica of the disc. Anyway, back to the distro companies.
At the moment, the average new release sells for around $30/40 bucks at the local Big W/Sanity, and about $25 on Ebay. Most people pay less than that for their net connection! I think that these Distro companies are selling these at to-high prices. If the latest release (lets say... Public Enemy) came out at around $15, I'd buy it... but I refuse to pay $30 for a DVD I can rent for $5 and copy onto a blank DVD for less than $1. Lower the prices, sell more. Hell... even new release BluRay is to expensive! What is it for a new bluray... like $50? Meh... I'll get the DVD version from the local video shop thanks! As a movie maker, I can see why they hike the prices up. It's all to do with money-made. You dropped 20 Million down on the budget of the film, you wanna get that money back in spades. But selling it at a dumb-ass prices is just not going to cut it. These days, you don't need $20 million to make a decent flick. You can make a decent looking flick on HD for 100 grand... if that. Sure, you can't use big name actors (which is where the big-budget comes in), but you can start some on their careers and pay them shit-all... Most actors are just happy for the experience.
So, closing... Either drop the prices of DVDs, or drop the budget down a few mill, because I, and others... will continue to refuse to pay so much for what we can get for free.

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