Sep 11, 2009

Update 11/9/2009: Latest.

Wow... its been over three months since I last updated the site.

I really need to focus.

Ok, so its September 11th... the day America was rocked. I'm holding back my personal opinions on it all. I'm not American, and I don't really care for the politics. I'm a film-maker, not a politician. I could make a film about it... but again... I'm not American.

So, I have my new CAMERA!!!

One Brand new Canon HV30. Which means, HIGH DEFINITION SHORT FILMS BABY!!! YEA!!!!! Thats right. Daniel Rutter Films is about to get a whole lot more film-like. That means, I'm stepping into the light of 'Independant Film Making' and walking the line with properly trained actors!

Anyway... I've recently signed up with several actors to help me in my quest to make two short films. The last time I updated this page, I mentioned a project entitled 'Love And Loss'. I'm still doing this project. I'm also starting up a another, 'Story Of A Hitman' to be filmed around the same time.

This is the first poster for the movie 'Story Of A Hitman'. Thanks to Jake Rundle, who is one of the actors in the movie... for drawing this.

With that being said, My sister Skye and I shot something that will be used in the film... A news reading. Skye will have a cameo role here, as our news anchor.

We filmed her on a greenscreen background and then edited it with After Effets.

Overall, it was a nice outcome.

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